Hersigrim S.L. born in the 70s as a small family business dedicated to the manufacture of handicrafts wicker and palm, distributing throughout the national territory.

Our commitment to know new markets, new raw materials and new producers, pushes us, since the 70s, to be in contact with manufacturers from all over Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe, which allows us to offer a very extensive range of articles to our clients and, at present, we have a very deep knowledge of these markets.

We must also add the great commercial vocation of our company, which leads us to market our products outside national territory, in countries such as Portugal, France or Italy, where we are consolidated.

Currently Hersigrim is one of the largest import companies in the market, being a benchmark in our sector. The experience and good work of past generations, combined with the illusion and dynamism of the current generation, makes Hersigrim, S.L a living company with a great future projection





After almost 50 years of work and effort and having reached the 3rd generation of the company, Hersigrim has extensive experience in importing and exporting items of:

  • Crafts and furniture
  • Items for home and garden
  • Decoration, etc.

This represents a strong guarantee of success in the operations that are carried out.

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We have a modern logistics center of more than 10,000 m2, where we receive and distribute our merchandise.

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